Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

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LA FLAG SCHOOL – Art History Time Machine

6 Marzo 2023 - 12 Marzo 2023

This is a project dedicated to art, once a week we put our Time Machine in action, and we set off for a new adventure through History.

The children are learning with visuals, songs, dances and stories about ancient art and culture. This is to give them a little idea of a timeline, so they can visually grasp important periods in Art!

Starting from Rock Painting, we have been travelling through Ancient Egypt and now we are working on Ancient Greece and Rome.

Here are some pictures of the crafts from kindergarten to second grade.

We experienced the beginning of Art; working on rock painting, canapa texture, Stone Age portraits, of the world’s earliest pottery vessels, shell beads necklaces, Stonehenge collages.

Finally landing in Ancient Egypt discovering tombs, pharaohs, pyramids, magic scarab beetles, cartouche with symbols, hieroglyphics…and much more to come!


6 Marzo 2023
12 Marzo 2023


Viale Brambilla, 60 - Pavia
Pavia, Italia
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