Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

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30 Settembre 2022 - 9 Ottobre 2022

Creating letters! What a better way to start Art and Reading lesson in class 1 this year!

While catching up on our new routine the kids have been exercising their hand muscles by making these fun clay letters and ended up by creating their initials medals as a gift for grandparents’ day!


The kids have inserted letter beads for their beautiful charms in class 2 as well, where they have worked hard experimenting with a new material called polymer clay.


Here are some beautiful Van Gogh’s sunflower buttons and a bookmark decorated with oil pastels and watercolours techniques.


We had fun then decorating the paper bags by cutting shapes and practicing lines and patterns!


What an intense start!


Happy Grandparents Day everyone!






30 Settembre 2022
9 Ottobre 2022


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