Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

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Grandparents Day 2020 – La FLAG Elementary school

2 Ottobre 2020

Kids have been working on the Colours Wheel and the bright colours of pop art Japanese artist Takashi Murakami known for his visually contemporary and vibrant work. Each figure serves as a symbol and these colourful flowers animated with smiling faces often signify peace and happiness. “Even if there is pain inside we must keep on smiling”. This is the message we want to bring to celebrate Grandparents Day this year.


2 Ottobre 2020


La Flag
Viale Brambilla, 60 - Pavia + Google Maps


  1. Rose Bottomley
    2 Ottobre 2020

    Thank you for the kind thoughts! Proud to be a grandma. Fabio is my joy and bless to be part of his life.

  2. Elvira De Vita
    3 Ottobre 2020

    Very good!

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