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Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

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FLAG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Trip to ‘Cascina Salvaraja’, Tuesday, May 21st. 2024

23 Maggio - 2 Giugno

The Third, Second and First Grade went on a trip to ‘Cascina Salvaraja’.  It was a fantastic learning experience for all. This is a summary of our day.

The Third Grade went orienteering into the Ticino woods. We became little explorers with compasses and a map in our hands. We had fun looking around and searching for the unknown. We learnt many animal names, damselfly, boar, woodpecker, badger, hedgehog, butterflies, moth and snake. They even showed us how damselflies make a heart shape!  We challenged ourselves to look for roe deer fur in the trees. Afterwards, we created our own compass with a bucket of water, a leaf and a needle.  Finally, our guide asked us to create a map of the Cascina, we had to designed everything very well so other kids would not lose themselves in the future.

The Second Grade followed the ‘Trail of Sounds.’  We listen to the sounds of the forest and learnt about how birds communicate. We learnt how mankind copied nature to make the first musical instruments. Finally, we made our own musical instruments from natural materials. We played them together like an orchestra and took them home with us.

The First Grade followed the ‘Trail of the Five Senses’.  We took off our shoes and walked across different natural materials. The wool of the sheep was soft compared to the hair of the wild boar. Can you believe that we listened to plants singing?

Before going home, we planted a tree.














23 Maggio
2 Giugno


Viale Brambilla, 60 - Pavia
Pavia, Italia
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