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Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

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FLAG ELEMENTARY  SCHOOL – Happy Grandparents’ Day!

1 Ottobre 2023 - 8 Ottobre 2023

To celebrate this special day, in class 1 we decided to try a new material (polymer clay) creating cute little slices of orange shape buttons as a gift for our grandpas.


The children mixed colours and had fun experimenting with different colour tones.


It turned out to be a great opportunity to learn a very important lesson, especially at the beginning of the school year!


As our motto is: ‘We make messes, we make mistakes, but deep inside, we’ve got what it takes, as we are Artists!’. Without making mistakes there won’t be lessons learned. Mistakes are the seeds from which trees of knowledge grow.


This one is a message that our grandparents love to teach to our little ones!


At too high a temperature in the oven, it made our oranges now look like yummy cookies. ;D


Enjoy the story from the kids, their beautiful puzzle portraits and the amazing clay portraits and hedgehog pencil holders from class 2!


Ein kleines Dankeschön für Oma und Opa!








1 Ottobre 2023
8 Ottobre 2023


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