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2 Dicembre 2022 - 11 Dicembre 2022

Here is an Art Gallery dedicated to the first three elements of Art which we have been working on with 1st and 2nd grade this year as well as Kindergarten.

We started in September reading Peter Reynolds’ “The Dot”, a book that has become an instant classic in classrooms around the globe. Students need to feel self-confidence now more than ever, and “The Dot” does a perfect job fulfilling that feeling. Traditionally, “Dot Day” is celebrated around September 15th.

We learned how all together we can work like Lego bricks, building each other up as a class, discovering printed shapes, patterns and colours.

“Paper Line Sculptures”, has been a hit! Kids simply used strips of colored paper or patterned paper and experimented with how they can make a 3D piece of art. I like the way they used a black base here, for their Scientist Thinking Caps to help show the contrast.

Kids enjoyed cutting, printing, and painting: straight, curvy, wavy, diagonal, broken and any other lines they could imagine! In addition, it’s a great way to teach the concept of vertical and horizontal.

They have also been making lines manipulating clay with which they created cute black cats.

After drawing and cutting oval shapes on painted papers for their trees and printing different styles of lines we made a “Printed Collage Landscape” and a Printed Paul Klee “Castle with sun” inspired project as they designed their own cityscape skyline using the straight edges of cardboard pieces to create angles and tall buildings.

After creating their shapes and skyline with black paint, they used watercolours to fill in with different colours, discovering the contrast between warm and cool and bringing the lines to life enjoying 3d paint and white finger prints!

Finally, they created a mosaic of patterns with glitter foam for the frame!

More to come….









2 Dicembre 2022
11 Dicembre 2022


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