Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

Viale Brambilla, 60 | 27100 Pavia +39.0382527320

Did you know that we learn…

…10% of what we read
20% of what we listen to
30% of what we see
50% of what we look and listen to
70% of what we discuss with others
80% of what we experience directly
95% of what we explain to others

(“Corriere della sera”- Inserto scientifico Corriere salute)

“ Qui docet, discit ”

A skill is never fully obtained until you teach what you know to someone else.

Our way of tutoring starts from here.

Today it is possible to do language courses in many ways, from a news kiosk to the internet, to traditional language schools.

Limiting oneself to reading, listening, and seeing, with traditional courses only allows to learn in a partial a non-consolidated way.

At Flag our language tutoring allows kids, teenagers, and adults to have direct experiences with the language.

Learning is based on the relation and the critical discussion of different topics with the language tutor that guides the person in the experimentation of the language allowing him to use the knowledge and the skills in a concrete way.

Available languages: Italian for foreigners, English, German, French, Spanish.